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Emergency Procedures

Emergency Procedures

At Hilton Sydney, our priority is our Guests’ safety. A floor plan identifying the layout and emergency evacuation routes on each level is located on the inside of every guest room door. Guests who have a physical condition that may limit their ability to hear a fire alarm and safety broadcasts, or a condition that may limit their ability to evacuate via the stairwells should advise Reception when checking in. Alternatively, contact the Guest Relations Manager via the MAGIC button on your guest room phone.

Fire Safety:
Hilton Sydney is fitted with fully automated fire and smoke detection alerts and a sprinkler system. In the event of alarm activation, the Fire Brigade will be immediately alerted and our trained Team Members will activate emergency response procedures.
If you discover a fire, do not panic. Dial 88, the hotel emergency number, or find the nearest fire alarm point. Evacuate via the nearest fire exit, highlighted with green exit signs. DO NOT use the lifts.
If the fire alarm activates, a continuous “beeping” sound indicates that Guests should prepare to evacuate the building. Alternatively, a “whooping” alarm indicates that
IMMEDIATE evacuation is required. Do not panic and do listen for instructions via the public address system, or those given to you by our Team Members. Do not stop to gather belongings, but if it is safe to do so, ensure that you have your guest room key card so that you may return to your room once the situation has been made safe.
Exit the building using the stairwells — DO NOT use the lifts. If you cannot evacuate, return to your room and dial 88 for assistance.
The evacuation assembly point is located outside the Queen Victoria Building on York Street.

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